nds2-client - Administrator  0.16.3
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NDS2 Application Program Interface

This module defines the client interface to both versions of the Network Data Server (classic NDS and NDS2). It is based on the "daq_" function set originally defined by Alex Ivanov for the classic NDS. The C-functions provide a low level interface to the server. In general, these must be used to implement the client server protocol defined elsewhere, e.g. here. A new set of client functions maintain a list of channels to be requested, properly formats the NDS server commands and help retrieve the requested data.

The following code snippet demonstrates how to use the nds2 client:

 -- Initialize
 int rc = daq_startup();
 if (rc) {
     printf("global initialization failed\n");
     return 1;

 -- Connect to server
 const char* server = "ldas-pcdev1.ligo.caltech.edu";
 int           port = 31200;
 daq_t daqd;
 rc = daq_connect(&daqd, server, port, nds_v2);
 if (rc) {
     printf("Connection failed with error: %s\n", daq_strerror(rc));
     return 2;

 -- Specify channels
 const char* channel[4] = {

 int i;
 for (i=0; i<4; i++) {
     rc = daq_request_channel(&daqd, channel+i, 0, 0);

 --  Request data
 time_t start_gps = 876543210;
 time_t end_gps   = 876543366;
 time_t delta     = 32;
 rc = daq_request_data(&daqd, start_gps, end_gps, delta);
 if (rc) {
     printf("Data request failed with error: %s\n", daq_strerror(rc));
     return 3;

 --  Read data blocks
 time_t t;
 for (t=start_gps; t<end_gps; t+=delta) {
     rc = daq_recv_next(&daqd);
     if (rc) {
         printf("Receive data failed with error: %s\n", daq_strerror(rc));
         return 4;

     --  Get data
     chan_req_t* stat = daq_get_channel_status(&daqd, channel[1]);
     if (!stat || stat->status <= 0) break;


 --  Disconnect from server

The API is subdivided into the following modules: